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Sparkly Diamante Buddha - Set of 3

Sparkly Diamante Buddha - Set of 3

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Bring a feeling of serenity to your home décor with our Buddha Diffusers – Set of 3. Featuring three colours in the set - Grey, Gold & Silver you could put each one in a different room or even make for a perfect gift (you could even keep one for yourself, they’ll never know!). Each diffuser oozes a different scent, soon filling your home with a long-lasting lush fragrance, perfect way to unwind and add a sense of peacefulness to your space. Even better, they can be re-used over and over again, once all the diffuser oil is used up just top it back up with your own, you definitely get your moneys worth here! 

Size: H - 20cm x L - 9cm x W - 15cm

  • Ornament is coated in glitter and may fall during movement
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