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White Cashmere & Silk Diffuser Large

White Cashmere & Silk Diffuser Large

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Create a relaxing and inviting atmosphere in any room with our White Cashmere & Silk Diffuser Small & Large. In a gorgeous pure white bottle with contrasting gold top it gives us luxurious hotel vibes and trust us the smell is the same! Featuring scents of delicate and soft cashmere combined with the smooth and silky notes of silk, this blend creates a soft, dreamy and comforting aroma that will fill you space with a warm fuzzy feeling just like a big hug! Also available to buy in small or as a set.

Fragrance Oil:
Large: 250ml

  • Scent - Cashmere & Silk
  • Diffuser Lasts - Approx 4 to 12 weeks
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